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I make moving documents a

My name is Paul Sasse and

I am a Universal Migrator Silver Certified Consultant.

This means I am certified to move data+documents between 85+ different apps and I am certified to work with the biggest firms who have the most complex needs.  My clients range from solo practitioners to publicly-traded entities.


I am vendor agnostic.

I don't care where your documents are coming from or where you want them to go - I just want you to have a great migration experience.

I move firms into all the leading providers including Clio, MyCase, iManage, NetDocuments, and more.

I plan like a surgeon.

Before I start any migration, I build a detailed plan that teaches computers exactly how to migrate your data.   I review it and test it so I know everything will transfer perfectly when I do it for real.

You don't have to take my word for it.  Read what some of my past customers have had to say here.

I guarantee my work 100%.

I warranty every migration I do.  If you find anything wrong with the work I did (you wont!), I'll fix it at no extra cost.  You can feel safe knowing you're covered and even safer knowing nobody has ever needed to leverage it.

I am affordable and predictable.

Every migration is a snowflake but every snowflake is snow.

After I review your project, I will give you a fixed-fee quote.  You'll know exactly how much you are going to pay and you'll never have to worry about your migration costing more than you expected.

I am fast.

Once I build your migration plan, then we're ready to go!  We pick a start date and then the computers start moving your data at the speed of electricity.  Generally speaking, I move between 2,000,000 and 4,000,000 records per 24-hours.  This means most firms are ready to start using their new system the very next day.

I am ready to get started.

You're not going to be waiting on me!  If I review your data on a Monday, I'll likely have everything ready to migrate that Friday.  Grab a time on my calendar so I can scope out your project and get things moving right away.

Email Me

Paul Headshot 2023.png

You can always email me but I do prefer Zoom because we can discuss complex aspects of your migration in greater detail.

I'll be in touch soon!

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