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Cloud to Clio

Data+Document Migrations


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Ready to Move Data + Documents into Clio?

My name is Paul Sasse and I migrate data and documents into Clio.


I am a Universal Migrator Silver-Certified consultant and can move firms from nearly 100 different apps into Clio and more.

If you're coming from a cloud app, I can get you a fixed price quote today.  If you're coming from an on-premise system, schedule a time with me and I can get a custom quote for you.

What data moves to Clio?

Migrations from the apps below tend to be straight forward and ones that I can move quickly on.  For details on what exactly moves to Clio from each system, just click the app.

Want to make sure your data is good to go?

On our Zoom, you will share access to your legacy app so I can analyze an initial snapshot of your data and provide a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is pricing determined?

The amount of time and work a Cloud to Clio migration takes varies based on the amount of data in the account.  The number of staff members is a good general metric that reflects the complexity involved in a migration and therefore the cost.

Can I save money by having you only migrate some of my data?

Prices are determined based on the amount of effort it takes me to teach computers how to do the migration.  It is much less work for me to tell the computers to move everything than it is for me to teach them how to only move some data.  If you only want some of your data migrated, I can do it, but it will actually be more expensive than a full migration.

Can I change my migration date after scheduling it?

When you pick a migration date, lots of work goes into preparing for your specific date.  If you absolutely want, you can pick a new date, there is a $1,000 rescheduling fee and your new date must take place within 30 days of the originally scheduled date.

What counts as an Employee/User?

All humans that can log into your legacy system count toward your user/employee count.  This includes attorneys, paralegals, and office staff.

What if my data is corrupt or messy?

When you schedule a free data review with me, I will pre-analyze your data and get a thorough understanding of it.  If your data is corrupt or messy, I'll know it ahead of time and will be able to present you with alternative options.

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